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Providing the best auto transport rates to you is what we do best. Don’t get taken through the ringer by some fly-by-night company that gives you a low-ball car shipping cost just to take your money. Get real car shipping rates fast, and get your car moved today!


Auto Transport and Car Shipping

When it’s time to look for auto transport there are a few easy, but essential steps to remember.

  • Always make sure that the car shipping company is insured and that the insurance will cover the value of your car if something happens.
  • Understand that it is difficult to have an exact day or time set to have your car picked up. The drivers may be coming from thousands of miles away, or have a mechanical issue, or even something as simple as a flat tire that can cause delays.
  • Inspect your vehicle, take pictures, and make sure that the bill of lading is properly filled out before your car is taken.
  • Do not pay a deposit to anyone just to get them to “look” for a driver. A lot of companies will tell you a low low low price for shipping your car and ask you to pay a non-refundable deposit so they can get started. This money is lost if they can’t find a driver for you.

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Car transport and Auto Shipping

When having your car shipped you can call the transporter, the company that set up the auto transport, and get updates or have any questions answered that you may have. Take down the name of the person who set up the car transport as they will be the most familiar with it and won’t have to repeat the same information over to someone else.